PT Tharwah Crestar Indonesia

PT Tharwah Crestar Indonesia

This is a subsidiary company of Airya Crestar that is based in Indonesia. The company is focused on wholesale and distribution of foods in a way that is similar to the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods industry.We have an extensive network of distribution channels ranging from distributor, retails to consumers.

The company has been built with a commitment and drive that ensure optimal product quality. The process of delivering the best customer service and innovating the industry is an essential part of the business. Tharwah Crestar Indonesia is heavily invested in maintaining optimal customer satisfaction.

Our vision is to help bring a balanced level of nutrition to our community with the provision of healthy foods.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality food stocks all over the nation with a consistent business.

Agrifood Products

Instant Noodles

There is nothing a hot bowl of noodles can’t fix quickly. Instant noodles product is famous around the world for its addictively good taste and speedy preparation time. It also serves to fulfill your hunger between meals. Instant noodles are an important food product in Indonesia as they are highly popular among the energetic young population.

Cooking Oil

Made from high quality vegetable oil for consumer and industrial use. 100% palm oil physically refined, bleached and deodorized under stringent international quality control standard to retain freshness and quality at all time. Bimoli and Tropical product brands are no 1 Best Sellers in Indonesia and its available for local and export market.


Coffee and Tea are two important beverages in Indonesia, and the country has well-suited microclimates to grow and produce some of the world`s famous brands. Tea production spans wide across the country from North Sumatra, Jambi and all over Java islands. Kapal Api is one of Indonesia`s biggest food and beverage companies and the biggest coffee company in the country. The Pucuk Harum is made from the tip of the tea leaf, hygienically produced with advanced technology AST (Advanced Sterilizing Technology) to give you the extraordinary refreshment.


Rich and spicy in taste, Indonesian seasoning and spices are the best in the world. Its numerous islands produce the best quality of spices in the world. It ranges from aromatic herbs to sour limes to sweet tamarind. Indonesia is also a producer of world’s best cloves, nutmeg, and mace. Seasoning menu stays true to the traditions of Indonesia cuisine –a nice contrast to the popular but overwhelming trend of restaurants serving modernized Asian fare. Indonesian cuisine is the world’s most vibrant and color cuisine. It’s hot yet spicy seasoning adds to its flavor and makes it worth trying.


In general, Indonesia`s sugar industry plays an important role in the country`s economy with it production ranging from 2.5 to 2.7 million tons per year. Sugar is one of the five major staple foods which has priority in Indonesia`s agricultural development.

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Agrifood Products

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